Our services

Sustainable management consultancy

We support businesses and their senior managers in redefining their philosophical principles to include the ideas of sustainability and responsibility. We help them incorporate this new philosophy into both long-term strategy and operational processes. The goal is to transform sustainable development policy from an additional cost into a value creation tool where everyone wins, ensuring the organisation's harmonious development and durability.

Support to senior managers

A business's value and soul come from the men and women of whom it is made up. Senior management teams, and in particular their leaders, must be the preferred guardians of businesses' values and spirit. There is no point trying to transform an organisation unless the people who embody it are not themselves first transformed. We support key individuals in the business through this process, maintaining close links between the development of their individual awareness and that of the business and their responsibilities within it.

"Inner Intelligence" training/seminars

Incorporating a desire for sustainability and responsibility for the business into day-to-day life represents a new paradigm, changing a business's relationships with its various audiences. For a business to adapt smooshly to this new paradigm, it must rethink how it operates, and in particular, how it manages. Its representatives must develop a management style which is both inspired and inspiring - a management style based on the ideas of good sense, values and personal wisdom. Through our "Inner Intelligence" training, we help senior managers reconnect with this state of mind by helping them achieve consistency between their personal values and goals and those of the organisation for which they are responsible.



In order to encourage understanding of the new global paradigm and what it entails for economic stakeholders, we hold conferences covering the macroscopic, local and sectoral aspects of this new paradigm. We provide examples of those progressive behaviours most likely to assist integration into this new world.