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Sustainable Management Consultancy:

"The added value of their approach lies in the fact that it combines strong strategic vision with highly pragmatic implementation. Their support has enabled us to give the business a new direction, encourage new innovations, and in particular, reinforce colleagues' sense of belonging. This has fundamentally changed the DNA of the business, bringing it more into line with today's world and preparing it for future changes!"

Larry Lunt
Chairman « Armonia llc » (USA)

"The integration of sustainable management into a company is a goal towards which one aims - a destination which is never fully reached. The most important thing is not the destination, but the journey. Working with Cardel Sustainable Management has enabled us to travel this journey with greater clarity. Their global approach and rapid understanding of the particularities of our business have provided us with a new compass with which to set a course for sustainable and responsible management, both today and in the coming years."

Charles-Albert Peers de Nieuwburg
Ceo « Alcogroup »

Inner Intelligence training

"There are various ways of approaching sustainable development in businesses - through culture, values, cost management and risk management. This seminar helped me to understand that the most lasting method is to work on managers themselves. Listening to your inner intelligence positively complements your rational understanding and emotional perception of events. This has helped me make fairer decisions that are more in harmony with others and my environment."

Roland Vaxelaire
Quality & Sustainable Development Director « Carrefour »

"You don't leave the Inner Intelligence initiation seminar 'unscathed'... I came out different, in terms of how I think, how I act, and how I am. I'm aware of having opened a new door, both personally and as a 'world citizen' and business owner. Two weeks later, I still have a profound sense of happiness and serenity - a sense of being connected to the universe."

Adrienne Axler
Ceo « Sodexho pass Belgium »

"Reconciling humanism and profitability, business and wisdom, and inner life and professional performance is a dream that is difficult to achieve. This seminar's unique approach offers intelligent and accessible ways to combine these points which are too often set in opposition. These few days will generate a high 'return' for the participants, their businesses' employees and their shareholders."

Charles-Antoine Janssen
Managing director « UCB India »

"This seminar has helped me redefine my priorities on both a personal and a professional level. Accessing the deep being within us enables us to make decisions which are more in line with what we really want, develop empathy and reduce negative stress."

Bernard Meeùs
Chairman « Alcofinance »

"In a world that places increasing demands on individuals, it is essential to know yourself well. This seminar has given me ideas and tools to move towards a better understanding and awareness of myself. It has enabled me to reconnect with my own creative energy as well as that of others and the universe, and to change the way I see things. I feel like everything is clearer and easier. This has a positive impact on my work and my life in general."

Jean Raucent
Director of Professional Development « McKinsey& Company Benelux »

"An original and high-impact approach. An excellent combination of pragmatism and western rigour with an openness to Eastern philosophies which reconcile body, soul and spirit. These three days give each participant the opportunity to refocus, discover their inner energy and broaden their field of awareness. This seminar has given me practical, easy-to-use tools for making decisions and choices and moving forward calmly."

Benoit Greindl
Ceo « AOS Standley Shangaï China »

"This seminary has enabled me to deepen my knowledge of a dimension which cannot necessarily be apprehended in day to day life but one which conditions many of our acts and thoughts. The emphasis laid down by the organizers on the concrete and the rootage of the person in reality is both real and effective."

Pierre Nothomb
Ceo « Deminor Investment Management »