Our expertise

Cardel Sustainable Management is a consultancy firm in the field of sustainable management. The scope of its activities is based around the expertise of Guibert del Marmol and Luc Petit-Barreau in all areas pertaining to the definition of new sustainable strategies and personalised support for senior management teams. Cardel Sustainable Management is a business that operates through networking. We are able to call on the leading specialists to ensure that sustainable policies are successfully implemented into businesses' operational management.

Guibert del Marmol
Broad experience of senior management and strategy at an international level.

Guibert is an economist by training. For over 15 years, he managed various international service businesses. He was particularly active in the leisure, catering and business property industries. Over the course of his career, he has dealt with all the situations facing today's economy in the European and US markets: business takeovers, mergers, start-ups, new product and service launches, entering new international markets, developing partnerships, etc.

He has developed a deep knowledge of sustainable management issues over several years, through managing for eight years a consultancy firm dealing with the human and environmental impact of office real estate.

Drawing on both his business and personal experience, since January 2006 he has been developing consultancy and senior management support activities in the field of sustainable management.

Guibert is also a conference speaker.

Luc Petit-Barreau
A career in the academic world and the private sector focused on people and strategic management of SMEs.

Luc is a physical education graduate with a degree in management. He developed his skills in the field of teacher training, as an assistant lecturer in higher education.

He is also highly experienced in strategic consulting for SMEs, and more particularly, in individual coaching.

Luc has in-depth expertise in the field of emotional intelligence.

He is currently helping senior managers to develop "authentic" leadership or "wisdom-based leadership" based on the ideas of inner intelligence, respect for values and a sense of the common good.

Why choose us?

It is our deep conviction that the implementation of sustainable business policies is difficult to achieve without the personal development of senior managers, and that the ethical culture experienced in a business is closely linked to its senior managers, personal values.

Through our experience in both strategic management and individual support, we are able to help businesses begin to manage in a more coherent way, where what is said is lived out and implemented with conviction. That is the strength of our approach.