"The New Guides have a strong sense of personal ethics, and fundamentally believe in the ability of each human being to become an agent of positive change. But above all, they experience unlimited happiness through being able to align their day-to-day actions with their value system. They have the immense quality of exploring the paths to alternative solutions, and are able to combine wealth creation and humanism, employment and ecological responsibility. Not content to dream about a better world, they actively participate in building it."

                       "80 hommes pour changer le monde, Mathieu Le Roux - Sylvain Darnil"

Our vision:

To contribute to harmony in the world through enlightened behaviour of economic agents.

Our mission:

To advise and support businesses and their leaders in designing and implementing sustainable and responsible management practices which create value for all stakeholders.

Our values:

Respect, transparency, openness, independence, humility.